General English


  • noun a series of objects in a line


  • noun a line of printed or displayed characters
  • noun a horizontal line on a punched card
  • noun a horizontal set of data elements in an array or matrix


  • (written as ROW)
    rest of world
  • acronym forRest of world
    (written as ROW)


  • A horizontal arrangement or series. For instance, a row of pixels or digits. This contrasts with a column, which is a vertical arrangement or series.

Information & Library Science

  • noun a horizontal line in a table, as opposed to columns which are vertical


  • noun a line of seats side by side, such as in a cinema or aircraft
  • noun a short trip in a rowing boat
  • verb to make a small boat go forward by using oars


  • acronym forrun of week
    (written as ROW)

General Science

  • acronym forrest of the world
    (written as ROW)

Origin & History of “row”

there are three distinct words row in English. The one meaning ‘use oars’ (OE) goes back to a prehistoric Germanic base *- ‘steer’, which also produced Dutch roeijen and Swedish ro, not to mention English rudder. Row ‘orderly line’ (OE) comes from a prehistoric Germanic *raigwa, and is probably related to German reihe ‘row’. Row ‘noisy quarrel’ (18th c.) seems to have originated in the late 18th century as a piece of Cambridge university slang, but where it came from is not known.