General English


  • noun the rubber tree, a tropical tree grown for its latex. In commercial practice, trees are grafted onto suitable rootstock.

Cars & Driving

  • noun a natural elastomer that at room temperature returns rapidly to approximately its initial dimension and shape after substantial deformation by a weak stress and subsequent release of the stress
  • noun tyres


  • A highly resilient natural material manufactured from the juiceof rubber trees and other plants.
  • Any of various synthetically manufactured materials with properties similar to natural rubber.
  • A cushioned backing for a carpet.


  • noun a series of Test matches or other games at international level. The word ‘rubber’ has been used to denote a set of games – e.g., in whist, backgammon, or bowls – for over 400 years, but its use in a cricket context is much more recent. In its earliest sense it denoted the deciding game in a set of three or five, and this may account for its derivation – meaning the game that eliminated, or ‘rubbed out’, one of the contestants.


  • A natural or synthetic polymer which upon vulcanization becomes elastic, tough, and resistant to cold, heat, abrasions, water, and many chemicals. Used, for instance, for insulation, as a protective layer, and as a filler material. 2. Rubber (1) which has been vulcanized.


  • noun a material which can be stretched and compressed, made from the thick white liquid called latex, from a tropical tree


  • noun a piece of soft material used to remove pencil marks


  • noun a condom. The first version is international English, the second British. Johnnie, johnny and ‘johnnie bag’ are synonyms.