run on


General English

  • phrasal verb to use something as a fuel

Cars & Driving

  • verb to continue to run after the ignition has been switched off


  • noun
    (written as run-on)
    copies of a publication printed in addition to the original print order, as in the case of a leaflet whose setting-up costs have been covered. More copies of it can be printed at a relatively cheap unit cost.

Media Studies

  • adjective
    (written as run-on)
    referring to material that is added to an existing line of text without a line break
  • noun
    (written as run-on)
    an added section of text that continues a line, without a line break
  • verb of text, to continue to the next line, column or page


  • verb to print more sheets after the first number have been printed
  • verb to make the text continue without a break, or without a line break