run up


General English

  • noun
    (written as run-up)
    a period leading up to some event
  • phrasal verb to go somewhere quickly on foot


  • phrasal verb to make debts or costs go up quickly


  • noun
    (written as run-up)
    the bowler’s running approach to the wicket prior to delivering the ball
    Citation ‘The object of the run-up is to bring the bowler to the bowling crease completely balanced and with the momentum necessary to bowl … at his normal, designed pace’ (MCC 1952)
    Citation ‘With Willis and Botham operating off shortened run-ups, England managed to capture the last four wickets in eight overs’ (David Frith, WCM April 1984)
    Citation ‘Miller’s action was close to flawless, consisting of a wonderful delivery stride from a short run-up’ (Richie Benaud, Wisden 2005)
  • noun
    (written as run-up)
    the area of ground over which a bowler runs when approaching the wicket to bowl
    Citation ‘Whenever possible, the bowlers’ run ups shall be covered in inclement weather, in order to keep them dry’ (Law 11 §3)


  • verb to make a large debt quickly