sacra rappresentazione



  • An early form of religious drama in Italy, equivalent to theEnglish mystery play, French mystères, Spanishauto sacramentales, and German Geistspiele, all of whichderived from the earlier liturgical drama. Sacra rappresentazione,which retained aspects of the earlier lauda devotional drama,developed to its highest form in 15th-century Florence. It was producedby educational and religious groups and usually consisted of re-enactmentsof biblical stories. Writers included Feo Belcari (1410 - 84)and Lorenzo de' Medici (1449 - 92).

    The decline of sacra rappresentazione began in thelate 15th century; although comic interpolations and other secularelements had been introduced it was overtaken by the new demand fordrama based on classical models. The genre had a minor influence onRenaissance drama.