Saint's Day



  • A play by John Whiting (1917 - 63), first performed inLondon in 1951 at the Arts Theatre Club. The play's violence and blackhumour were several years ahead of contemporary taste. The plot centreson Paul Southman, a reclusive poet who is lapsing into senility, togetherwith his granddaughter Stella, and her husband Charles. Southman hatesthe local villagers and is not upset to hear that three soldiers onthe run have ransacked the village. Convinced that the villagers havepoisoned his dog, Southman insists that Robert Procathren, visitingthe old man on his birthday, help him with his revenge. The poet handshim a gun, but it discharges and kills Stella. Procathren flees andtells the soldiers to kill Southman and Charles, which they do withoutremorse.