• noun a regular payment for work done, made to an employee usually as a cheque at the end of each month
  • noun the amount paid to an employee, shown as a monthly, quarterly or yearly total


Information & Library Science

  • noun money that is paid, usually monthly, to somebody for their job


  • noun payment for work made to an employee with a contract of employment, especially in a professional or office job


  • noun payment for work, made to an employee with a contract of employment, usually in the form of a monthly cheque

Origin & History of “salary”

Salary goes back to a Latin word that originally denoted an ‘allowance given to Roman soldiers for buying salt’ (salt being in former times a valued commodity, over which wars were fought, rather than taken for granted as it is today). This was salārium, a derivative of sāl ‘salt’. It soon broadened out to mean ‘fixed periodic payment for work done’, and passed in this sense via Anglo-Norman salarie into English.