• noun the point at which air contains 100 per cent humidity


  • State of old planetary surfaces in which so many impact craters are present that they cover the surface completely. The crater count on a saturated surface would not be increased by more impacts The Highlands of the Moon are saturated, as is most of the surface area of Mercury, but the younger surfaces of the lunar maria and the mercurian inter-crater plains are not.
  • State of a camera film which has been so overexposed that more exposure would yield no more image
  • Measure of the amount of colour in light from a particular source. white light has zero saturation, because it includes the full range of frequencies of visible light, while light from a single spectral line, of effectively a single wavelength, is 100 per cent saturated. The term is applied analogously to radiation of other wavelengths.


  • noun the state of being filled with the maximum amount of something which can be absorbed, e.g. a sample of air which contains the maximum amount of water vapour for its temperature


  • noun the process of filling completely


  • noun a point where a material cannot be further magnetized


  • The condition where a maximum effect has been attained, so that any additional increase in the causative variable will not achieve any additional results.
  • For a magnetic material, the condition in which an increase in magnetizing force will not produce an increase in magnetization. Also called magnetic saturation.
  • In an electron tube, the condition in which the anode current can not be further increased, regardless of any additional voltage applied to it, since essentially all available electrons are already being drawn to said anode. Also called plate saturation, current saturation, voltage saturation, or anode saturation.
  • The extent to which a given color lacks a white component. 100% saturation means there is no white present. Also called color saturation, or chroma (3).
  • A point at which a chemical solution, such as an electrolyte, contains the maximum amount of a substance that it can dissolve in equilibrium.
  • In magnetic media, the condition where the magnetizable particles are fully aligned.
  • For a thermionic electron tube at a given anode voltage, the condition in which the anode current can not be further increased with increases in cathode temperature. Also called temperature saturation.
  • In a bipolar transistor, the condition where the collector becomes positive with respect to the base. Ordinarily the converse is true. Also called transistor saturation.


  • noun the fourth stage in a product’s life cycle where sales level off