• A play by Edward Bond; the Lord Chamberlain'srefusal to grant it a licence helped to speed the abolition of stagecensorship in 1968. The play was first performed in 1965 as a clubproduction of the English Stage Company at the Royal Court Theatre;controversy immediately arose over a scene in which a baby was stonedto death in its pram. The director of Public Prosecutions issued 18summonses against the company and ordered them to pay £50 costs.

    The play is set in south London: Len has moved in with Pamand her parents, but Pam breaks with Len and becomes pregnant by hisfriend, Fred. One day, pushing the baby in the park, she meets Fredand his gang. The youths shove the pram, spit into it, and then stonethe baby to death. Fred goes to prison; on his release he rejectsPam, who wants him back. Len, still a lodger, refuses to leave Pam'sparents' house, and they welcome him into the gloomy atmosphere ofthe family.