General English


  • noun a defect in stored apples, where brown patches appear on the skin and the tissue underneath becomes soft
  • noun a bacterial disease of sheep. It causes lameness in lambs.


  • A sinistral flatfish, Arnoglossus laterna, similar to the lemon sole but of inferior quality


  • noun an injury to the skin caused by touching a very hot liquid or steam.


  • verb to plunge a fruit or vegetable into boiling water for a short time in order to loosen the skin or to prepare it for freezing

Origin & History of “scald”

Scald comes ultimately from Latin calidus ‘hot’ (source also of English cauldron and chowder and related to calorie and nonchalant). From it was derived the verb excaldāre ‘wash in hot water’, which passed into English via Anglo-Norman escalder as scald.