• noun the action of examining and producing data from the shape of an object or drawing


  • The motion of a detector or of a focused beam of electromagnetic radiation, light, sound, or particles in a fixed pattern over a surface or region, to detect, examine, reproduce, transmit, or the like. Such scanning may be circular, helical, horizontal, vertical, rectilinear, spiral, conical, and so on. Also, a specific instance of such scanning. Also called scan (3).
  • The movement of an antenna while scanning (1), as in radars.
  • The searching through records, files, the Internet, or other sources of information, looking for specific data. For instance, data mining.
  • The performance of an analytical or medical diagnostic technique, such as computed tomography, in which scanning (1) takes place.
  • The process of utilizing a device, such as a radar or optical scanner, which performs scans (1). Also, the scanning (1) such a device performs.
  • The process of examining while seeking something in particular. For instance, the scanning of communications channels looking for an available circuit.


  • noun the act of examining an area with the eyes
  • noun the act of examining internal organs of the body with a piece of electronic equipment


  • noun the process of carrying out colour separations electronically