• noun the nose. The word is Yiddish, from German, in which schnauze is the translation of ‘snout’. The comedian jimmy ‘Schnozzle’ Durante (named for his large nose) introduced the word to non-Americans.


  • (written as Schnozzle)
    Nickname of the US comedian Jimmy Durante (James Francis Durante;1893 - 1980), who was famous for his bulbous nose (his 'schnozz'or 'schnozzle'), his gravelly New York accent, and his unsophisticatedhumour. He later confessed that he greatly disliked his nose untilit became a factor in his commercial success. Durante started hisshow-business career as a pianist, working first at Diamond Tony'sSaloon on Coney Island. He subsequently teamed up with Eddie Jacksonand Lou Clayton, and throughout the 1920s the trio worked New York'svaudeville and nightclub circuit. Durante's contribution to the actincluded such songs as 'Ink-a-Dink-a-Doo' and 'It's my Nose's BoithdayToday', which later became stock items in his solo cabaret act.