General English

  • verb to hurry to do something


  • verb to encode speech or data that is to be transmitted in such a way that it cannot be understood unless it is decoded


  • To alter information, such as data, in a manner which only those with a key can decipher. Usually used for security purposes. Also called encode (2), encrypt, or code (1).
  • To distort, disorganize, or otherwise alter a signal so that it can only be understood with a receiver with the proper circuits and settings.


  • verb to stir beaten eggs continuously over heat, scraping solid egg off the base of the pan until all is set to the required consistency

Media Studies

  • verb to make a telecommunications or broadcast signal unintelligible by means of an electronic device


  • verb to move over rocky terrain, using your hands when necessary
  • verb to take off quickly in order to go into action
  • verb to adapt a transmission electronically, so that it can only be understood by someone with the correct receiving equipment