General English

General Science

  • noun a set of instructions which carry out a function, normally used with a macro language or batch language


  • A sequence of computer instructions, or a program, which is executed or carried out by another program, as opposed to the CPU. In the context of the Internet, such instructions or programs may also be run by a Web server. For example, certain content encountered when navigating the World Wide Web may be executed by the browser of a user computer, or be processed on a Web server.
  • Instructions which determine how a multimedia sequence proceeds, depending on user interaction. Used, for instance, to fill out forms or provide additional information at Web sites.
  • A series of commands, such as a macro, which is executed without concurrent user intervention.

Information & Library Science

  • noun handwriting which is made to look like printing


  • noun the written text of a commercial

Media Studies

  • noun the planned dialogue for a filmed or recorded piece, together with camera and production instructions
  • noun in psychoanalytical theory, a set of preconceptions about life which are applied to all interaction and can be changed or strengthened by experience


  • verb to write the script for a play, film or TV documentary


  • noun a drug prescription. The word has been used since the 1950s by drug users and by the police and some doctors.