• noun membership of a stock exchange

Cars & Driving


  • The cut made at the lower end of a rafter that enables it to fit securely over the top wall plate.


  • To fix firmly and correctly in place. For example, to seat a chip or circuit board in its socket.
  • A surface, location, or part upon which something rests.


  • noun membership of the House of Commons or being a Member of Parliament
  • noun membership of a committee


  • noun a chair in a cinema, plane, restaurant, train, etc.
  • verb to have room for people to sit down

Origin & History of “seat”

Seat is of course a close relative of sitthey come from the same prehistoric Germanic base, *set-. But unlike sit, it is not a long-established native word. It is a borrowing, from Old Norse sáeti. It originally meant ‘act of sitting’, and was not used for ‘something to sit on’ until the 13th century.