General English

  • noun a person who does work such as writing letters, answering the phone and filing documents for someone


  • noun an official of a company or society whose job is to keep records and write letters


  • noun a person who helps to organise work, types letters, files documents, arranges meetings, etc., for someone
  • abbreviationsec



  • adjective dried


  • adjective a French adjective meaning dry


  • used to describe a wine, especially Champagne, that is dry in taste

Origin & History of “secretary”

A secretary was originally a ‘person in someone else’s confidence, sharing secret or private matters with them’ (‘(Christ) taking with him his three special secretaries, that is to say Peter and James and John’, Nicholas love, Mirror of the life of Jesus Christ 1400). The word was adapted from late Latin sēcrētārius ‘confidential aide’, a derivative of Latin sēcrētus ‘secret’. The notion of writing letters and performing other clerical duties developed in the Latin word, and first emerged in English in the 15th century.