General English

  • adjective firmly fixed
  • verb to be successful in getting something important


  • adjective safe, which cannot change


  • verb to attach firmly, to fasten or to make safe


  • verb to get something safely into your control


  • Safe from unauthorized use, access, interception, monitoring, or the like. For example, secure communications. Also, to ensure such security.
  • Not presenting a safety hazard.
  • Not likely to fail or malfunction.


  • adjective safe from danger or harm
  • adjective firmly fastened or held


  • adjective properly attached or fastened
  • adjective locked or otherwise protected against theft
  • verb to capture or otherwise take possession of a location, and prepare it for defence
  • verb to make sure that something happens

Origin & History of “secure”

Something that is secure is etymologically ‘carefree’. The word was borrowed from Latin sēcūrus, a compound adjective formed from the prefix - ‘without’ and cūra ‘care’ (source of English curate, cure, etc). The metaphorical extension from ‘free from care’ to ‘free from danger, safe’ took place in post-Augustan Latin. Sure is in effect a telescoped version of secure.