General English



  • noun people whose job is to protect buildings or other people against crime


  • noun the fact of being kept secret



  • The measures and techniques utilized to safeguard against losses, damage, unwanted modifications, or unauthorized access. Used, for instance, in the context of computers and communications. Examples include computer security, data protection, and network security.
  • The act of providing security (1). Also the condition of having such security.

Information & Library Science

  • noun measures taken to make a place or person safe from attack or danger


  • noun the state of being protected


  • noun all measures taken by a unit to protect itself from surveillance or offensive action by the enemy
  • noun all measures taken by an organization to protect its property and personnel from attack, espionage, sabotage, theft or any other threat or danger
  • noun a department or organization responsible for protection against theft, etc.


  • noun safety from harm, damage or attack
  • noun the feeling of being safe in a situation, or the degree to which someone feels safe

Real Estate

  • noun something pledged to guarantee fulfilment of an obligation, especially an asset guaranteeing repayment of a loan that becomes the property of the creditor if the loan is not repaid