General English

  • noun a part of something, especially something which divides naturally into different parts


  • noun a section of a market defined by certain criteria
  • verb to divide a potential market into different segments


  • noun a part of the sales of a large business defined by specific criteria


  • noun a section of a main program which can be executed in its own right, without the rest of the main program being required
  • verb to divide a long program into shorter sections which can then be called up when required.


  • Any part into which a whole is divided. For instance, a section, a network segment, an overlay segment, a data segment, or one of the bars utilized to formulate characters in an LCD display. Also, to cut, apportion, or otherwise divide something.

Information & Library Science

  • noun one part of the total which can be treated separately

Media Studies

  • verb to divide a target audience into smaller, more specialised groups for advertising purposes


  • noun a part of an organ or piece of tissue which is clearly separate from other parts