send off


General English


  • phrasal verb to put (a letter) in the post


  • noun
    (written as send-off)
    an act of ‘sending off’ a departing batsman
    Citation ‘Slater, who was caught in the covers after edging onto his helmet, received an unnecessary wide-armed “send-off” from bowler Donald’ (WCM March 1994)
    Citation ‘Hayden grafted to 31 before being well caught by the tumbling Trescothick at slip – Simon Jones’s over the top send off cost him 20 per cent of his match fee’ (Steven Lynch, Wisden 2006)
  • verb (of a fielder or bowler) to shout abuse or make abusive gestures at a departing batsman after he has been dismissed or injured
    Citation ‘It was this practice of “sending off” opposing batsmen that the Australian cricket Board chairman Alan Crompton sought to outlaw when he announced the board was imposing its own fine of A$4000 (£1920) on Warne and Hughes’ (Richard Yallop, Guardian 12 March 1994)


  • verb to dismiss a player from a game or competition for breaking the rules, e.g. in football, rugby or hockey