General English

General Science

  • adjective referring to the ability to respond to stimuli
  • adjective referring to devices that are able to record very small changes


  • adjective able to register very small differences or changes in conditions


  • adjective quick to respond to something


  • In trade negotiations and agreements, countries often identify lists of particular sensitive products or sensitive sectors that they regard as especially vulnerable to import competition and that they wish to exempt from trade liberalization.


  • Able to detect or sense phenomena or stimulation. Also, able to change or otherwise respond to a given phenomenon, action, or circumstance. For example, that which is photosensitive.
  • Able to detect and respond to very small or subtle changes. Said, for instance, of an instrument.
  • Able to distinguish between two or more levels, settings, states, or the like. For example, case sensitive.
  • Harmed or otherwise adversely affected by a given phenomenon, condition, level, or the like. For instance, electrostatic discharge sensitive.


  • adjective having an unexpected reaction to an allergen or to a drug, caused by the presence of antibodies which were created when the person was exposed to the drug or allergen in the past


  • adjective quick to respond to something

Media Studies

  • adjective of a radio or other receiver, able to respond to transmitted signals
  • adjective extremely responsive to radiation, especially to light of a specific wavelength