service charge



  • noun a charge added to the bill in a restaurant to pay for service
  • noun an amount paid by tenants in a block of flats or offices for general maintenance, insurance and cleaning
  • noun a charge which a bank or business makes for carrying out work for a customer


  • A specific charge made for services, such as a per hour rate.
  • Any charge made in exchange for services which extend beyond that which is ordinary. For instance, an installation charge for a device which normally is not professionally installed.


  • The charge added to a restaurant bill, usually as a percentage of the total to cover the cost of providing waiters. It originated in the times when waiters were paid only this percentage for their labour. This archaic and demeaning practice dies out as society develops.


  • noun a charge made by a landlord to cover general work done to the property such as cleaning stairs or collecting rubbish
  • noun a charge made in a restaurant for serving the customer

Real Estate

  • noun a sum of money charged to leasehold owners of flats for the maintenance of communal areas such as halls, lifts and gardens


  • noun an amount added to a bill to cover the work involved in dealing with a customer