General English


  • noun the fact of working for an employer, or the period of time during which an employee has worked for an employer
  • noun the work of dealing with customers
  • noun payment for help given to the customer



  • noun maintenance or repairs carried out


  • noun a piece of work done to help someone as a duty or a favour
  • noun a form of business (e.g. insurance, banking, or transport) that provides help in some form when it is needed, as opposed to making or selling goods

Cars & Driving

  • noun a periodic overhaul, usually carried out by a garage; includes changing the oil and oil filter, checking the brakes, tyres, ignition (usually changing the sparking plugs), electrical, fuel and cooling systems, and taking the vehicle on a test run to check the steering, suspension, and transmission systems as well as the performance of the engine and brakes


  • noun the act of keeping a machine in good working order
  • noun the regular working of a public organisation


  • verb to check or repair or maintain a system


  • The conducting equipment used to deliver electricity from the supply system to the wiring system of a building.


  • Any activity involving installation, supplying, maintenance, or repairs. Such activities are meant to be performed by qualified personnel, and may or may not be a part of a warranty or other agreement to provide said services.
  • An established or otherwise organized system which is meant to supply the needs of the public. For example, a broadcasting, telephone, satellite, or information service.
  • Proper function or operation. For instance, the service life of a device.
  • A level or category within multiple offerings or possibilities. For example, dial-up, cable, or DSL access to the Internet.


  • A full set of crockery for a specific meal for several persons (usually 4, 6 or 12), as in tea service, dinner service
  • The attendance given to customers in a restaurant by waiters and staff

Information & Library Science

  • noun work which supports another person’s or organisation’s activities
  • verb to clean, adjust and repair a machine so that it keeps running


  • noun the act or fact or serving a person or group


  • noun an act of serving in the armed forces
  • verb to repair equipment and keep it in good condition


  • noun a period spent working for a company, in a shop, etc.
  • noun work to keep a machine in good working order
  • noun a business or office which gives help when it is needed
  • noun a system or arrangement of things that the public can use
  • verb to deal with somebody or something