General English

General Science

  • verb to stop moving and stay in one place


  • verb to place a property in trust


  • verb to move into a final position


  • verb to solve a problem or dispute


  • verb to write something such as a contract out in its final form


  • verb to begin to feel comfortable or at ease, or to make a person feel comfortable or at ease
  • verb to fall to the bottom of a liquid
  • verb to attach itself, to stay in a part of the body


  • verb to go to live in a new area, often abroad

Origin & History of “settle”

Although now far less common, the noun settle ‘bench’ is older than the verb, and indeed was the source of it. It evolved (along with German sessel) from a prehistoric Germanic *setlaz, which was derived from the same base that produced English sit. (Saddle comes from a variant of the same base.) In Old English times it was setl, and still meant simply ‘seat’. this formed the basis of a verb setlan ‘put in a position of repose’, ancestor of modern English settle.