General English

General Science

  • noun a place where people have established a community
  • noun the process of falling to the bottom of a liquid


  • sinking of solid particles in grout, mortar, or fresh concrete, after placement and before initial set. See also bleeding.
  • An agreement by which the parties consent to settle a dispute between them.
  • The total amount of money that both the insurance company and the policyholder agree on to close the claim.


  • noun the payment of an account; payment for shares bought, or delivery of share certificates


  • noun the payment of a bill, debt or claim
  • noun an agreement reached without completing legal proceedings
  • noun a document recording a conveyance of property
  • noun a restriction in a will that ensures that property stays in the ownership of the family of the deceased, or ensures that the property is held in trust for the deceased’s family and that they receive any income from the sale of it


  • noun a group of homes built in a new area
  • noun an agreement which ends a dispute between people or between countries

Real Estate

  • noun subsidence in a building
  • noun a conveyance of property to someone or to the trustees for someone