General English


  • noun a long, generally cylindrical bar, especially one that rotates and transmits power

Cars & Driving

  • noun a round bar which transmits turning power from one part to another.


  • That portion of a column between the base and the capital.
  • An elevator well.
  • A pit dug from the ground surface to a tunnel to furnish access and ventilation.
  • Any enclosed vertical space in a building used for utilities or ventilation.
  • Any cylindrical rod connecting moving parts in a machine.


  • A long and narrow rod or pole.
  • A ray or beam of light.


  • noun the long central section of a long bone
  • noun main central section of the erect penis


  • noun the penis. A predictable but rare use of the standard term.
  • noun an alternative form of a shafting. It usually occurs in the form ‘get the shaft’.
  • verb to have sex with, penetrate. From the noun shaft, denoting the penis.
  • verb to ruin, damage, destroy (someone). Most often heard in the form of the past participle ‘shafted’, this term is another example of a slang word literally meaning to have sex with someone used metaphorically to mean humiliate or abase.

Origin & History of “shaft”

Shaft is a general Germanic word, shared by German and Dutch schaft and Swedish and Danish skaft. these point back to a common prehistoric ancestor *skaftaz, which may have been descended from the Indo-European base *scap- ‘support’ (source of English sceptre (13th c.)).