Shaw's Corner



  • The name by which George Bernard Shaw's house at Ayot St Lawrence,Hertfordshire, became known. Shaw acquired the house in 1906, thedecisive factor being a gravestone he spotted in the village cemeterywith the legend: "Jane Eversley. Born 1825. Died 1895. Her timewas short." Shaw, with his philosophy of human longevity (seeBack to Methuselah), instantly declared "this isthe place for me." His confidence was well placed; at the ageof 94 he was still able to prune the trees in his garden there - although it was a fall while doing so that hastened his death in 1950.His ashes were mixed with those of his wife and scattered in the garden.The National Trust received the house and grounds, complete with 'TheWilderness' - the hut in which Shaw wrote and which he couldrotate to catch the sun's rays - under the terms of the author'swill. The house itself has few aesthetic merits: one National Trustinspector described it as "very ugly" and another as "anexample of the nadir of taste to which a distinguished writer couldsink."