General English

General Science

  • noun a large, thin, flat piece of something


Information & Library Science

  • noun a large flat piece of material or paper

Media Studies

  • noun a single piece of paper.
  • noun a newspaper or periodical, especially one dismissed as trivial
  • abbreviationsh.
  • abbreviationsht


  • noun an official report. An item of prison jargon recorded in the 1990s in Brixton and Wandsworth prisons.

Origin & History of “sheet”

Sheet ‘cloth’ (OE) and sheet ‘rope attached to a sail’ (OE) are distinct words, although they have a common ancestor. this was the Germanic base *skaut-, *skut- ‘project’, which also produced English scot-free, scuttle ‘sink a ship’, shoot, shot, shout, shut, and skit. This produced two Old English nouns, scēte ‘cloth’ and scēata ‘sail-rope’, which have formally coalesced in modern English as sheet, but retained their distinctive meanings. (Sheet ‘cloth’ was not used specifically for ‘bed sheet’ until the 13th century.).