General English


  • noun part of a young seed plant, the stem and first leaves which show above the surface of the soil


  • verb to take a picture or record a video sequence with a camera


  • To straighten the edge of a board with a plane.


  • verb (of the ball) to keep low and come rapidly on to the bat after pitching, usually because of some irregularity in the wicket
    Citation ‘When you see the ball shoot, play the bat back as near to the wicket as possible, taking care not to knock it down’ (Nyren 1833 in HM)
    Citation ‘There were signs later in the day that there could be more of the low shooting deliveries that have made the MCG a batsman’s nightmare in recent years’ (Ian Brayshaw, Times 27 December 1983)

Information & Library Science

  • verb to use a camera to take photographs or make a film

Media Studies

  • noun an occasion when a professional photographer or film-maker is photographing or filming something
  • verb to record a shot, scene, film or programme on film with a camera


  • verb to seem to move suddenly through the body with a piercing feeling


  • verb to fire a weapon at something
  • verb to kill or wound someone by firing a weapon at him


  • verb to ejaculate. The word has been used in this sense since the 19th century.
  • verb to inject. A drug user’s term, widespread since the late 1950s.
  • verb to leave hurriedly. A word used in Britain mainly by young people since the 1970s. It is probably a shortening of ‘shoot off’.


  • verb in a sport such as football or basketball, to kick, hit or throw a ball in an attempt to score a goal or point


  • a new growth of stems and leaves from an existing stem or branch of a plant

Origin & History of “shoot”

like sheet, shout, shut, and perhaps skit (15th c.), shoot goes back ultimately to the prehistoric Germanic base *skeut-, *skaut-, *skut- ‘project’. this formed the basis of a verb *skeutan, which evolved into German schiessen, Dutch schieten, Swedish skjuta, and Danish skyde as well as English shoot. The noun shot comes from the same source.