General English


  • noun a garden implement with a base made of mesh or with perforations through which fine particles can pass while coarse material is retained.
  • verb to pass soil, etc. through a sieve to produce a fine tilth, or to remove the soil from root crops such as potatoes


  • A metallic plate or sheet, a woven wire cloth, or other similar device, with regularly spaced apertures of uniform size, mounted in a suitable frame or holder, for use in separating material according to size. In mechanical analysis, an apparatus with square openings is a sieve; one with circular apertures is a screen.


  • A fine stainless steel wire, plastic or other stranded fine mesh either stretched in a flat circle on a metal or wooden former or made into the shape of a half sphere or inverted cone. Used for separating large from fine particles, for straining liquids or for reducing soft foods to a purée.


  • noun a kitchen utensil made of metal or plastic net, used to strain liquids to remove lumps
  • verb to pass something such as flour, liquid, etc. through a sieve to remove lumps