General English


  • noun a person’s name written by themselves on a cheque, document or letter


  • noun the name of a person written in a special way to show that a document has been authorised or to show who is the author of a letter, etc.


  • noun a special authentication code such as a password that a user gives prior to access to a system or prior to the execution of a task to prove identity
  • noun a group within a larger club which is interested in a particular aspect of software or hardware


  • content, such as a text, image, file, or combination of these, which is appended to an email or message. Examples include favorite quotes, contact information, vCards, or disclaimers. A user may select whether such a signature is included automatically when sending.
  • An attachment to an electronic transmission which uniquely identifies and authenticates the sender of a message, file, or other information such as a credit card number. To be effective, a digital signature must not be forged, and measures such as public key cryptography are employed to insure its integrity. Also called electronic signature, or digital signature.

Information & Library Science

  • noun a way of writing your name which is special to you and can be recognised as yours by other people
  • noun a sentence or paragraph used to end e-mail messages and comments posted on the Internet. Normally a signature should be short – no more than four lines – and might include a short advertisement for your services and your e-mail address.


  • noun someone’s name or initials written by that person in their own recognisable handwriting, used to authorise documents
  • noun the action of signing a document

Media Studies

  • noun a letter or mark printed on the first page of a section of a book, indicating its order in binding
  • noun a sheet of paper with several pages printed on it that, when folded and cut, makes up a section of a book


  • noun a person’s name written by him/her, usually to show authorization for something
  • noun any distinctive sign (e.g. heat, light, smoke or radiation) which is produced or emitted by a weapon or other piece of equipment, and which reveals its location to observers or surveillance equipment


  • noun somebody’s name written by them in a special way


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