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  • noun a silicon compound with a high resistance to heat, water and chemicals, and with good insulating and lubricating properties; used in oils, polishes, sealants, etc.


  • A resin, characterized by water-repellent properties, in which the main polymer chain consists of alternating silicon and oxygen atoms, with carbon-containing side groups (free radicals). Silicones may be used in caulking or coating compounds or admixtures for concrete.


  • A polymer incorporating a chain of alternating silicon and oxygen atoms, with radicals attached to silicon atoms. Depending on the degree of polymerization and the attached radicals, a silicone may be a solid or semi-solid, including elastomer, rubber, or resin forms. Silicones are stable over a wide temperature interval, and serve as excellent dielectrics, lubricants, heat transfer agents, and for vibration damping, among many other uses.


  • noun a heat-resistant synthetic substance in the form of a grease, oil or plastic, used in lubricants and water-repellent substances