Sir Harry Lauder



  • (Hugh MacLennan; 1870 - 1950), the Scottish ballad singerand comedian who became the first music hall performer to be knighted.His sentimental songs included 'I Love A Lassie', 'Roamin' in theGloamin', and 'Keep Right on to the End of the Road', while his comicofferings included 'That's the Reason Noo I Wear A Kilt' and 'StopYer Tickling, Jock'.

    Curiously enough, Lauder began his career performing as acomic Irishman; only when the demand for encores exceeded his reserveof Irish songs, did he turn to familiar Scottish numbers. In 1900he became an overnight success at Gatti's Music Hall, London and in1907 made his US debut in New York. With his familiar stage costumeof kilt, glengarry, and crooked walking stick, he became one of thefew British music-hall stars to become famous in America, also playingsuccessfully in Australia and South Africa. Lauder also appeared inrevue and at least one serious play, Graham Moffat's A Scrape o'the Pen (1909). He was knighted in 1919 for entertaining troopsduring World War I.