Sir Thomas Killigrew



  • (1612 - 83) English playwright and theater manager. A memberof the household of Charles I, Killigrew enjoyed moderate successwith several comedies and tragicomedies before the Interregnum,most notably with the bawdy comedy The Parson's Wedding (1641),based on a work by Calderón de la Barca. Describedas an "obscene, loose play" by Pepys, The Parson'sWedding was revived in 1664 after Killigrew had returned to Londonwith his friend Charles II and was to influence the comedies of theRestoration period.

    Killigrew is remembered less for his own plays than for hiswork in re-establishing the English theater after the Restoration.Having been granted a patent (see patent theaters)by the king he founded (1662) the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane,where he led a company that included Michael Mohun and Nell Gwynn.He also founded a training school for actors at the Barbican and in1673 was appointed Master of the Revels.