Sisterly Feelings



  • An experimental comedy by Alan Ayckbourn, in whichthe course of the plot is determined by the toss of a coin in thefirst scene and subsequently by the choice of an actress. It was firstperformed at the Stephen Joseph Theatre in the Round, Scarboroughin 1980, subsequently transferring to the National Theatre.

    The story begins on the day after the funeral of Dr RalphMatthews's wife, Amy, when Matthews takes his family to the remotesite where he had proposed to her. Ralph's son, Melvyn, is infatuatedwith Brenda Grimshaw, while his daughters, the unmarried Dorcas andAbigail, whose husband is away on business, are attracted to Brenda'sbrother Simon. Because the car is full, one sister must walk homewith Simon, and a coin is tossed to determine whether Dorcas or Abigailwill accompany him in the next scene. When Dorcas's boyfriend, thepoet Stafford, arrives, she must choose between the two, a choice(left to the actress) that determines the next scene. The playends with the marriage of Melvyn and Brenda.