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  • verb to rest with your weight largely supported by the buttocks
  • verb to cause a person to sit somewhere


  • verb to be an MP


  • acronym forstatic induction transistor
    (written as SIT)
  • A field effect transistor with an especially short channel. Its acronym is SIT.

Origin & History of “sit”

Sit comes from a prehistoric Germanic *sitjan or *setjan, which also produced German sitzen, Dutch zitten, Swedish sitta, and Danish sidde. This was derived from a base *set-, source also of English seat, set (etymologically ‘cause to sit’), and settle. And this in turn went back to the Indo-European base *sed- ‘sit’, which has contributed hugely to English vocabulary – mainly through its Latin descendant sedēre ‘sit’ (source of English assess, insidious, séance, session, size, subsidy, etc), but also via Welsh, in the form of eisteddfod. It lies in addition behind English saddle and soot, and its other progeny include Russian sidet’, Serbo-Croat sjediti, and Latvian sēdēt ‘sit’.