General English


  • noun a shot by the batsman that sends the ball over the boundary without bouncing, resulting in an addition of six runs to the batsman’s score
    Citation ‘A six is at once an expression of a batsman’s command – however temporary – and an act of defiance’ (Bose 1990)
    Citation ‘The BCG [Baghdad cricket Ground] is enclosed by a 12ft fence, itself surrounded by an outer wall topped by razor wire. For obvious reasons, what would normally be a six out of the ground is deemed out’ (Keith Scott, Wisden 2005)

Origin & History of “six”

The Indo-European ancestor of six was *seks, which also produced Latin sex (source of English sextant, sextuplet, etc), Greek héx, Welsh chwech, Russian shest’, etc. The word’s Germanic relatives include German sechs, Dutch zes, and Swedish and Danish sex.