General English

Media Studies

  • noun a flippant article describing an event, usually used in relation to happenings at the house of Commons


  • noun a rough drawing to show how a finished illustration or design should look
  • verb to make a rough drawing to show how something should look when finished
  • verb to write a rough description of something


  • adjective of dubious quality, potentially dangerous. A synonym of shady and dodgy in widespread use among younger speakers since around 2000. The terms were defined by one user as ‘shady, illicit, weird’.

Origin & History of “sketch”

Sketch comes ultimately from Greek skhédios ‘impromptu’. this reached English by a rather roundabout route: via Latin schedius, which led to a vulgar Latin verb schediāre ‘do hastily’, source of Italian schizzare ‘make a sketch’, which in turn produced the noun schizzo ‘sketch’, borrowed into English via German skizze or Dutch schets.