General English


  • verb to ignore an instruction in a sequence of instructions


  • To bypass something while proceeding from one point, position, or location, to another. For example, to ignore one or more instructions within a sequence of instructions.
  • In radio wave propagation, a single reflection off the ionosphere.

Information & Library Science

  • verb to miss something out
  • verb to decide deliberately not to do something or go somewhere

Media Studies

  • verb to fail to play properly by jumping from one place to another

Real Estate

  • noun a large flat-bottomed metal container kept outdoors for putting unwanted materials, furniture or any bulky refuse in, especially when a building is being renovated or constructed


  • noun an escape or an instance of jumping bail. This specialised use of the common colloquialism for ‘avoid’ is part of underworld jargon.
  • noun a person who fails to answer a bail bond, an escapee
  • noun a boss, guvnor. A shortening of skipper, used typically by police officers in familiar address to a superior or, in sports, by team-members to their captain.
  • noun a place to sleep or shelter. A shortened form of the tramps’ term skipper.
  • noun a dilapidated, old or cheap vehicle, particularly a car. The name of the common large metal refuse containers has been appropriated as a vogue term among schoolchildren since around 1988.


  • verb to leave quickly, without paying