• noun a captain of a ship or a team. Skipper in this sense is not, strictly speaking, slang, although it is considered to be so by some. The word has been in use since it was anglicised from the Middle Dutch schipper (from schip: a ship).
  • noun a rough shelter, place to sleep for the night, typically in a derelict building. The word, which may describe no more than a patch of rough ground, is now a near-synonym for doss house or derry. It is part of the vocabulary of tramps, dossers and other down-and-outs, and originated in Celtic words for barn (rendered as ysgubor in welsh, sciber in Old Cornish).
  • noun a friend, ‘mate’. A friendly term of address between males, now rarely used except by vagrants.
  • verb to sleep rough, be homeless. From the noun.