General English

General Science

  • noun the bony part of the head in humans and other vertebrates


  • noun the eight bones which are fused or connected together to form the head, along with the fourteen bones which form the face.


  • noun a synonym for ‘head’ in racy speech or hip talk. The word most usually occurs in the phrase out of one’s skull (intoxicated or crazy) or in the following extended specialised sense.
  • noun oral sex, especially fellatio. This term, popular among college students since the late 1970s, is either derived from, or an imitation of black street slang; a racier version of head in its sexual context. It is usually used as part of the parodic exhortation ‘whip some skull on me baby!’.
  • verb to drink (alcohol)

Origin & History of “skull”

The Old English word for ‘skull’ was hēafodpanne, literally ‘head-pan’. It has never been firmly established where its middle English replacement skull came from, but is seems more than likely that it was borrowed from a Scandinavian language (Swedish and Norwegian have skalle ‘skull’).