• A sewer pipe connecting a house sewer to a common sewer.


  • verb to deliver the ball so that it comes into the striker (from off to leg) or moves across him (from leg to off) at a fairly sharp angle to the line of the wickets; the effect is achieved by movement in the air or off the pitch, especially when combined with a fairly ‘wide’ bowling position which maximises the angle of the ball’s line of flight relative to the line of the wickets
    Citation ‘Often in the past fast bowlers have switched their line of attack from over to round the wicket, in order to slant the ball across a right-hand batsman and get him edging into the slips’ (Scyld Berry, Observer 4 December 1983)


  • noun an Oriental person. A shortening of ‘slant-eyed’, used in the United States and Australia since the 1960s and now heard among young Londoners, e.g. young city businessmen referring disparagingly to the Japanese.