General English


  • noun a punctuation mark (/) that is used to separate optional items in a list and to express fractions or ratios, and that has various uses in computer programming, e.g. to separate off certain sections of an Internet address


  • In most computer operating systems, a character which serves to denote division, as seen, for instance, in: 22/7. This character also serves to separate elements within an internet address, as seen, for example in: This character has a place on the keyboard, and is shown here between brackets: [/]. Also known as forward slash, or virgule.

Information & Library Science

  • noun an oblique stroke (/) used in typing


  • verb to cut something with a knife or sharp edge


  • noun an act of urination. A vulgar term, used generally by males. The word came into use in this sense sometime before the 1950s, but was not recorded in writing until recently. The word usually occurs in phrases such as ‘have a slash’ or ‘take a slash’. Slash may be echoic (as ‘slosh’ or ‘slush’) or may be inspired by the standard use of the word to refer to rain driving obliquely.
  • verb to urinate. The verb form is less common than the noun.