General English

  • noun a person who sleeps
  • noun a carriage on a train where passengers sleep on long journeys
  • noun an overnight train with sleeping cars


  • noun a share which has not risen in value for some time, but which may suddenly do so in the future


  • One of many strips of wood fastened to the top of a concrete slab to support a wood floor.
  • Any horizontal timber laid on the ground to distribute load from a post.


  • noun a product which does not sell well for some time, then suddenly becomes very popular


  • noun an agent who lives and works in an enemy country but carries out no action until the time is right (e.g. at the outbreak of war)


  • noun a spy who lives an ordinary life often for many years before starting spying activities


  • noun a book which does not sell well on publication, but which suddenly starts to sell some time later

Real Estate

  • noun a heavy beam used as a sill, footing or support


  • noun a sleeping car
  • noun an empty room which is shown as being occupied on the reservations board