Cars & Driving

  • noun a device which senses the position of the half of a primary pulley that slides


  • noun a ball bowled by a wrist-spin bowler which tends to go straight on but to bounce less than a top-spinner, as a result of back spin imparted to as the ball is released
    Citation ‘Warne’s weapon of choice in this Test, however, was not the monster leg-break of yore. It was a ball going straight on, delivered with a leg-break action but squirted out of the front of the hand: a “slider”, to dignify it with the Benaudism of the moment’ (Haigh 2005)


  • An arm, brush, blade, strip, surface, or the like, which slides. For example, a sliding contact.
  • A movable contact that maintains continuous contact with a stationary contact.

Media Studies

  • noun a control knob or lever on a piece of equipment that moves horizontally or vertically, e.g. to change the volume of a radio or CD player


  • noun a shirker, idler. Probably a clipped form of the word ‘backslider’, this late-1990s usage was defined on the Internet by Bodge World in February 1997 as ‘someone who manages to get out of doing work’.