smart card


General English


  • noun a credit card with a microchip, used for withdrawing money from ATMs, or for purchases at EFTPOS terminals


  • noun a plastic card with a memory and microprocessor device embedded in it, so that it can be used for electronic funds transfer or for identification of the user


  • A card or device that stores information and processes data to establish secure identification, among other applications.


  • A card which incorporates one or more chips, including a processor and memory. Such cards are usually the size of a credit card, and are used in conjunction with smart card readers which communicate with central computers. Such cards may be used to verify identity, keep digital cash, store medical records, and so on. Smart cards are secure, and update the contained information each time it is used.
  • In portable computers, a smart card (1) utilized to add memory, or as a peripheral device such as a modem.

Information & Library Science

  • noun a plastic card with an electronic strip which can be read to identify the user on such things as credit cards