General English

General Science


  • A brick or tile of normal face dimensions but with a nominal thickness of 2".

Media Studies

  • noun a serial drama that is broadcast at the same time and at regular intervals (ie. every day or every weekday)


  • acronym forsimple object access protocol
    (written as SOAP)

Origin & History of “soap”

The word soap is of west Germanic origin. It comes from a prehistoric *saipō (source also of German seife and Dutch zeep). this may have been related to Old English sīpian ‘drip’, suggesting that it perhaps originally referred to a stage in the manufacture of soap. The Romans, like the Greeks, used oil for cleansing the skin, not soap, and so they did not have their own native word for it. instead they borrowed the Germanic term, as sāpō, which has evolved into French savon, Italian sapone, and Spanish jabon. Germanic *saipō was also acquired by Latvian (ziepes), Finnish (saippio), and Lappish (saipo).