Society for Theatre Research



  • A scholarly body dedicated to research into the British theaterand to the preservation of its buildings, records, and other historicalremains. It was founded in 1948 at the Old Vic Theatre with the theaterhistorian Gabriele Enthoven as its first president. The Society makesannual grants towards theater research and sponsors lectures. In 1987it helped to found the national Theatre Museum, to whichit donated its library. It also publishes a thrice-yearly journal,Theatre Notebook, along with other publications and pamphlets.Since 1998 the Society has awarded the Theatre Book Prize, for the bestEnglish-language theater title published during the previous year.

    The Society hosted the first international conference on theaterhistory in 1955 in London, an event that led to the foundation ofthe International Federation for Theatre Research. An associated body,the American Society for Theatre Research, was founded in 1956 inNew York.