General English

General Science

  • noun a group of people or animals that live together in an organised way
  • noun a group of plants within a larger community


  • noun the way in which the people in a country are organised


  • noun the community of people who live in a particular country and share its institutions and customs


  • noun a group of people who live together and have the same laws and customs
  • noun an organisation of people with the same interests or jobs


  • (written as Society)
    The first of the so-called cup-and-saucer dramas ofTom Robertson, which began a new fashion for realistic playsabout domestic problems. It was first produced in London in 1865 atthe Prince of Wales' Theatre by the actor - managers Squire Bancroftand Marie Wilton (see Bancrofts, the), who also starredin the roles of Sydney Daryl and Maud Hetherington. Societyestablished their reputations as well as Robertson's. In the playthe gentleman Sydney Daryl is approached by a father and son, whowant to use him to gain access to high society. When Daryl refusesto cooperate, the son tries to ruin him without success.