General English

Cars & Driving

  • noun any recess formed for the purpose of receiving a spigot or other part, especially one into which an electrical connector may be inserted
  • noun a cylindrical spanner head with one end shaped to fit over the head of a nut or bolt, and a female square drive at the other end to accept the drive tool


  • noun a device with a set of holes, into which a plug fits


  • British term for the enlarged end of bell-and-spigot pipe.
  • A mechanical device for supporting a lamp or plug fuse and completing the electric circuit.


  • A fixture into which other components, such as plugs, connecting terminals, CPUs, or circuit boards are plugged in.
  • A power line termination whose openings serve to supply electric power to devices or equipment whose plug is inserted into it. Also called electric socket, or power outlet.
  • A software request which connects an application with a service, via a network. Each socket has an associated address, consisting of a port number and network address.
  • A 169-pin motherboard socket used for certain older CPUs.

Information & Library Science

  • noun a device with holes for a plug which connects a machine to the electricity supply


  • noun a hollow part in a bone, into which another bone or organ fits

Real Estate

  • noun a hole or recess in something specially shaped to receive a specific object or part, e.g. the hole that receives a light bulb
  • noun a receptacle, usually mounted on a wall, into which an electric plug is inserted to make a connection to a source of electric power